Fennel and fennel water benefits for our health and skin - Olpik

Fennel seeds and fennel water have magical benefits

2. May 2023
Fennel and fennel water benefits for our health and skin - Olpik

Fennel is generally considered to be a very trivial item, but these tiny seeds are packed with nutrients and many benefits. They contain many nutrients that are very important for the human body and also relieve many serious diseases.


Nutrients of fennel

Talking about the nutrients of fennel contains many nutrients like potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, protein, vitamin C, riboflavin, niacin, and a good amount of iron. Apart from these nutrients, fennel also contains a significant amount of calories.

Another name for fennel is badian. Fennel is very beneficial for all people but especially for women. Fennel contains a hormone called estrogen which is very fertile for women. Fennel water is very beneficial for women's hidden diseases. Also, fennel is very effective for breastfeeding mothers.

Fennel is the source of preventing diseases

Fennel is a remedy for many diseases like stomach aches and headaches. Apart from this, it is very effective for chest and stomach irritation. Fennel is also very useful for colds.

Fennel benefits for the stomach

Fennel is good for the stomach. Fennel cures many stomach ailments. Which removes the complaint of indigestion. If you are not hungry, you are hungry. As you know, constipation is said to be the root of many diseases. Eating fennel also relieves constipation. One who complains of constipation should use the following recipe.

Fennel ---- 10 tola
Sugar ------ 10 tola

Grind them both finely and take 2 tolas of it with warm milk daily. The complaint of constipation will go away.

Also, fennel is the best thing to remove the heat from the stomach. Buzuri syrup is made from fennel seeds and its root. Which is the best medicine to remove heat? But if you don't want to drink sharbat buzuri, then beat the fennel a little, its skin will come off and its seeds will come out from the center. Use these unshelled seeds with water. It is very effective in removing stomach heat.

Fennel also improves digestion. If indigestion occurs due to any reason, fennel is excellent for treating indigestion. And besides, fennel is great for relieving heartburn and stomach irritation, and for stomach gas. For this, you can also make fennel soup. For this, the following things are required.

Fennel -------- 10 grams
Cardamom -------- 10 grams
Mint ------- 5 g

Grind these three things finely. Use it whenever you have heartburn or gas problems.

Fennel Seeds benefits for weight loss

Fennel seeds are used for weight loss in different ways. Not only fennel seeds but also fennel water is very beneficial for weight loss.

Fennel seeds benefits for cough

While these tiny grains are guaranteed to solve many problems, they are also great for relieving cough. Use fennel in the following way to relieve all types of cough.

Fennel --------- 1 tola
Water ------------ 1 liter
Honey ---------- 1 tola

Boil fennel in water and then add honey to it and give it to the patient. InshaAllah, all types of cough will end. Here also keep in mind that if there is no pure honey, it can be drunk by adding salt instead.

Fennel benefits in colds and flu

Fennel is also very useful in colds and flu. Use the following tip for this.

Fennel --------- 1 tola
Cloves -------- 2 or 3
Water --------- 1/2 kg

Grind the fennel and put it in water along with the cloves and soak it for 3 hours. Then boil it in the same water. When the water is reduced to half, add sugar and give it to the patient. It relieves colds and flu.

Treatment of mental weakness with fennel

Fennel is also very beneficial for mental weakness. We are going to tell you the best recipe for mental weakness. People who have a weak memory and forget things or often forget things. Also, this recipe is very useful for students and those who do mental work. You should understand that by using this recipe your mind will become very powerful that you will remember everything and you will be saved from the embarrassment of forgetting things. So the recipe is something like this.

Fennel --------------- 6 Masha
Egyptian --------------- 6 Masha
Almonds ---------------- 7 nos

Grind fennel and misri finely and then grind almonds and mix it. Take one or two spoons of lukewarm milk every night before going to bed. Use this recipe for 40 days. InshAllah, the mind will become very powerful, and along with the mind, the weakness of the eyesight will also be removed and the eyesight will be sharp and if the glasses are fitted, there will be no need to wear the glasses.

Fennel is a remedy for bad breath

Bad breath is a stain on a good personality. Yes! If a person is good-looking and has a beautiful personality, but his mouth stinks, then no one wants to live with him. Fennel should be chewed to remove bad breath. Chewing fennel will eliminate bad breath and give a pleasant smell to the breath.

Fennel water for babies

Fennel water is also beneficial for children. Children who have digestive problems or lack of appetite should be given a spoon or two of fennel water. Fennel water also suppresses appetite and keeps the stomach healthy. For this, soak one spoonful of fennel in a cup of water overnight and strain the water in the morning and give it to your children if needed. If children are older and can chew fennel, they can still chew fennel instead of fennel water and also can drink fennel tea.

Fennel in pregnancy

Avoid eating fennel during pregnancy, but if you eat it, eat it in small amounts.

Fennel benefits for skin

Fennel is not only good for our health but also keeps our skin fresh and young. Fennel has anti-bacterial properties due to which it removes pimples from the skin. Apart from this, if fennel is chewed daily or fennel tea is drunk, the skin remains soft and supple and the signs of aging can be eliminated from the skin.
Knowing the immense benefits of fennel, you will definitely start using fennel today.


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