How to make delicious chicken bread roll - Olpik

If you don't eat it in Ramadan, then don't eat anything. How to make delicious chicken bread roll

15. Apr 2023
How to make delicious chicken bread roll - Olpik

Iftar of Ramadan Mubarak and in order to win the hearts of the fasting people, they try to make new dishes in every iftar. As it is now Ramadan and you must be trying new dishes. If you want to try a low-effort recipe that takes less time and less effort but the recipe is very fun, then today you have come to the right platform because today we will tell you a recipe for making rolls that There is no need to knead the dough And there is no need for a rolling belt. Yes, readers! Today we have brought a delicious recipe for Chicken Bread Rolls to this blog.

Before starting the recipe, let us tell you a special thing about this recipe in today's recipe, you can make many rolls with just one pau chicken.
Now let's note down all the ingredients and the recipe before wasting time.
So following are the ingredients we need to make a chicken bread roll.


Boneless Chicken ----------- One quarter
Oil --------------- 2 Tablespoon
Butter------------- one tablespoon (You can also skip the butter)
Onion -------------- One medium size
Capsicum (chopped) ----------- One cup
Carrot (chopped)------------- one cup
Salt ------------- 1 tsp
Red Chilli (Crushed) ---------- Half Tablespoon
Black pepper ----------- Half a tablespoon
Cumin (coarsely grind) ---- half a tablespoon
Soy sauce ---------- 2 tablespoon
Cornflour ----------- 2 Tbsp
Potatoes (Boiled) ------------- 3
Slices of double bread (grind) ------- 3
Green Chili --------- 1
Coriander --------- A little

To make the coating

Flour ------- half a cup
Water -------- To make a thin liquid
Salt ------- half teaspoon
Breadcrumbs ------- For coating

Method of preparation

First, put 2 glasses of water in a pot and add chicken to it and boil it. We also want this boiled chicken and a little ice cream. When the water with the chicken starts to boil, the foam will start to form on top. You have to remove this foam with the help of a spoon and spread it. Boil the chicken until half a cup of ice remains. Now take out the chicken and shred it and keep the yolk aside.

Now add butter and oil to a pan and heat it slightly add onions and fry for just one minute. Here, take care not to change the color of the onion, just fry it lightly and add capsicum to it. Stir the spoon once and then add the carrots. Now add shredded chicken to it. Now cook on medium to high flame until the moisture of the vegetables is gone.

Now add spices to it. Add salt, black pepper, red pepper, cumin, and soy sauce and stir well. Then reduce the heat.

Now on the other side, add the cornflour to the mixture we made while boiling the chicken and stir well so that no lumps are formed. Now add the cornflour dissolved in the ice to these vegetables and stir for a minute and cook.

Note:  Add the cornflour and stir the chicken and vegetables quickly with a spoon as the vegetables will start to clump together. Cook it for one and a half minutes and then take it out in a bowl and let it cool. When it cools down a little, add crushed boiled potatoes to it. Along with this, add the slices of double bread that were ground, and also add chopped coriander and green chilies. Now mix this material well and make small rolls.


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